Advocates Speak at the UN

Earlier this month, advocates for survivors of Non-state Torture and Ritual Abuse-Torture, Linda MacDonald and Jeanne Sarson, spoke out before the Committee on the Status of Women at the United Nations. See their website for more details about their activities.

Two French videos on RA and Pedophile Networks

Late 1990’s Ritual Abuse cases in France and appalling official responses.



This doc covers Dutroux, and the Zandvoort CDrom which held 8,000 child pron pics. 81 victims are identified in the photos yet no action is ever taken in their cases, and the whistleblower is jailed.

Nick Bryant Franklin Presentation

The Toothpaste out of The Tube: Nick Bryant Gives a PowerPoint Presentation on the Franklin Scandal.

ABC Covers Domestic Child Trafficking

In Search of Love: Teens Lured Into Sex Trade
Police Say Portland, Ore., is a Hub for Child Sex Trafficking

ABC News
Sept. 22, 2010

The first time “Katie” danced at a strip club, she was 13, and in the seventh grade.

Not long before, the Oregon girl had gone on an ordinary outing to a mall in downtown Portland. She met some boys there and they invited her to a party in the suburbs. At the party, Katie met an older boy she would begin to date.

“He bought me a lot of things, like shoes, outfits and purses and stuff like that,” said Katie, of J, who she began to think of as her boyfriend.

Video and more at the link: