Independent Researchers

There is a great deal of disinformation, and misinformation about organized abuse and mind control experiementation on the Internet. These sites represent those that present valuable information and links to sources.

Insitute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics, ISGP

(Formerly PEHI)

Articles on elite organized abuse, hidden insitutions, Dutroux and P2 scandals, and mind control.

Tulane Link

Role of Tulane University in US mind control research.

Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Information Service

MCRAIS Google site.

Wikipedia: Not Independent by any measure, nor objective...

Wikipedia has barred linking from any of its pages to the sites of advocates of survivors, and researchers of ritual-abuse torture. It views RAT as a late twentieth century sociological phenomenon, and therefore classifies all claims and cases as false, whether or not individual sources conform to their own guidelines. The site in general gives more weight to the voices of prominent critics, in the areas of DID, MC, and traumatic memory, in blatant disreguard of their rules governing synthesis of original sources.

This one page, however, provides a good overview of US mind control research, at the time of this posting.

Unethical Human Experimentation - Wikipedia