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More About DID

The condition that I have is called Dissociative Identity Disorder. It exists when aspects of a person's personality are split and can function independently of one another. It is most often the result of severe, prolonged and/or early childhood abuse, including emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Dissociated parts, or alters keep awareness of horrific experiences out of consciousness, so that the child can retain a portion of self to grow and function in the outside world.

You may be aware of DID, or as it was once called, Multiple Personality Disorder, through movies like Sybil, or tv shows like The United States of Tara. Unfortunately, the entertainment media greatly sensationalizes the condition, magnifying features that aren't normally observable. In most cases, DID is an internal experience of fragmentation and discontinuity of memory and ability. Sensitive eyes may note subtle changes in behavior, but most switching is seamless and undetectable. Another common misconception is that alters are complete and disparate personalities. Usually, they are only fragments, or specific pieces of the whole. They may function separately or in teams. For an excellent introduction of DID and extreme abuse, please see the article by Brian Moss. Further information about DID is available on the educational site, or through professional organizations like the International Society for The Study of Trauma and Dissociation, (ISST-D).


Organized Extreme Abuse, Ritual Abuse-Torture, and Trauma-Based Mind Control

Organized sadistic or extreme abuse perpetrated by crime syndicates, family groups, and/or cults is a feature of most human societies, even developed Western nations. Group leaders often use some form of behavior or mind manipulation to control their members. Some intergenerational pedophilia-based cults perfected the art of manipulating dissociative reactions among their members, especially children. They learned how to create specific alters to perform specific tasks within the group. They also learned how to impede or squelch other alters that might resist control on behalf of the host personality. Once trained, cult-aligned alters may perform duties and remain loyal to the group or cult for years, all without the general knowledge of the host personality.

Most organized crime groups and cults profit from their activities. They run child prostitution or pornography rings, and provide victims and material to pedophiles in positions of power. Although there are convictions for organized and/or ritualistic murders and abuse every year, most of these groups remain an unseen and terribly corrupting influence on society in general. Thankfully some of this activity is coming under the scrutiny of NGO's focused on international trafficking and the sex slave trade.  To get an idea of how many people have experienced such horrific abuse, see the EAS Survey.

There are also efforts to have Ritual Abuse-Torture (RAT) and private or Non-State Actor Torture (NSAT) officially recognized by the United Nations, and to have state and national governing bodies enact specific legislation against these forms of torture.  To find out more, contact Persons Against Ritual Abuse-Torture.


20th and 21st Century Slavery: Government Sponsored Trauma-Based Mind Control

During the Cold War, various intelligence services began experimenting with drugs, interrogation, and behavior control techniques. Through a series of contacts with WWII era experimenters and cult/group connected contractors, US operatives discovered the mechanism of dissociation. Using hypnosis, drugs, and various forms of trauma, they began to experiment with and create their own dissociated  and controllable subjects. For more on this see the Government Documents page of this section. Many inductees were pulled from abusive families or cult populations. Exploited children made perfect subjects. They were often already adept at dissociating, and their parents were compliant or easily threatened with legal action.

Caregivers estimate that since the programs began, thousands have been subjected to torture, experimentation and unwitting use in operations. Survivors report being used by a variety of agencies, both public and private. It is apparent that by the time I was born (the early 1960's), a fairly complete program of Trauma-Based Mind Control had been synthesized and become operational. As far as we know, children are still being taken for these programs today. For more information, including autobiographical accounts, books, news articles, and more, please visit the links to the left.